Recycled Products Cooperative

About the Co-op
16 years into this and we are still all about Saving Natural Resources!

Since 1999, RPC members have purchased just under 500,000 cases of 30% and 100% post-consumer recycled paper, saving over:
* 113,484 trees
* 35,838,651 gallons of water
* 16,920,353 kilowatt hours of electricity
* And preventing 246,431 pounds of air pollution!

History of the Cooperative
Recycled paper represents less than 6% of the entire market for printing and writing paper. Historically, its higher price had prevented widespread use. Because of these issues and seeing the need to help improve this situation the Recycled Products Cooperative was created in 1999 with two goals in mind:

(1) To leverage purchasing power of members to reduce pricing, and (2) To educate buyers on the importance of using recycled paper and other products.

The Co-op has been committed to bringing about transformations within the marketplace that help conserve trees and other natural resources.

A Collaborative Effort
The Cooperative was originally one of numerous creative and progressive programs under the umbrella of the Solana Center for Environmental Innovation. The Solana Center is a non-profit organization based in Encinitas, California. For over 30 years the Solana Center has been a leader in addressing and finding creative solutions to many environmental challenges both locally and globally. To find out more about the Solana Center and its other programs, visit In 2009, the RPC spun off on its own and became a for profit corporation. Although we changed our tax status our guiding principals remain the same: to save environmental resources.

How the Cooperative Works
The overall volume that the Co-op represents has motivated the RPC's suppliers to provide recycled paper and office products at significantly reduced rates. Membership in the Co-op is convenient and easy. There are no membership fees, and bulk purchases do not need to be made to receive competitive pricing. RPC membership is open to businesses, public entities and individuals. Purchases from the Co-op are available to every state in the U.S. with the exceptions of Alaska and Hawaii. Your membership makes a difference!
Purchasing Products through the Cooperative- Going Beyond Paper
The RPC started out and has primarily concentrated on selling recycled content office paper. We had such a positive response that we decided to expand the Co-op into "other" environmentally sustainable products. There are thousands of recycled and re-manufactured products available each one representing an environmental savings.We've listed a few of the most popular products we've carried here in the new, super streamlined  RPC online store! We will be adding more products as our customers ask for them. Our online store is primarily for the small volume consumer. If you need one case of paper and some envelopes... you have found the right place. The online purchasing process is easy. Members ordering 5 cases (or more) of recycled paper at a time, and organizations considering bulk  purchases should contact the Co-op directly in order to receive information on discounted BULK ORDER pricing.

Could it be? A new website?

It's finally here!!! The new Recycled Products Cooperative Website. For my longtime faithful customers thank you so much for sticking with the Co-op. The site is VERY streamlined. There are...